"Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, Love gives you a fairy tale." - unkown

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So for Our big trip this year and to celebrate our one year anniversary coming up in two weeks we went to the happiest place on earth. We had kind of a bumpy start but the trip was a blast. We stayed at the travelodge. The funny thing about our hotel was that on the Internet site we thought it had said it was only a block or so away from Disneyland, but it was really a mile and some away from the park. But all in all it was a pretty nice hotel. We went on all the big rides, like splash mountain, Indiana Jones, California screamin and don't forget Heimlich's chew chew train! We had a lot of fun, it was a needed vacation and we enjoyed being together.
The Hollywood tower of terror, SCARY...at least I looked pretty scared.

We love the show "its tough to be a bug"

You got to love the Disney hats :D

We ended our Disneyland experience with some pictures in front of the the castle and the mickey...its a must. Now the fun is over and it is back to reality.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I know, I know I am so bad at this!

Well It has been awhile....I guess I haven't written sense march or something :D So I am here to update this little blog of mine. So we moved out of the house behind my grandparents house into my in-laws basement. We can't complain because everything is brand new! Jeff has just been working for his dad and going to school. I have been working at the Barry family dental group. I hit my 3 year mark this past may. We haven't done much this summer, which has kind of been a bummer but we have gone on some cabin trips and had a great experience camping with the Allen family over the 4th of July. I also got to the chance to go to girls camp with my ward. YW has been fun, I love the girls I work with. Speaking of church, Jeff also got called as the ward's Elders Quorum president. That, work and school have been keeping Jeff pretty busy. So now we are just getting ready for the summer to end and Jeff going back to school. We do however have a trip to Disneyland planned for our one year anniversary. We are pretty excited about that.