"Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, Love gives you a fairy tale." - unkown

Monday, October 20, 2008

Terrible at blogging

So a lot has happened...so I am just going to get started. Jeff and I have been married over a year now and are still living in the Allen's basement. Which works out nice because my parents only live a few blocks away so it makes visiting parents really easy. Jeff is still busy with elders quorum and I am still loving being in young women's. Jeff is now finishing up with prime and has just started at Costco. In between that, church responsibilities and Chemistry, we still find some time to be together. So life seems to be going pretty good. I just started the fun task of scrap booking our first year together. ha ha I just finish our honeymoon... so I pretty much have my work cut out for me. Other then that life is just the same old stuff. Now we get to look forward to the holidays.

One Year has come and gone

Happy One year anniversary!
Yes it is true, Jeff and I have been married for a whole year! The time reallydoes fly. And I know I am so late in blogging about this, seeing how it is the end of October and our anniversary was on Sept. 13. We had a good day.. Jeff and I went to the BYU game and then went to chili's for dinner. It was fun just to get to spend a little time together. Someone asked me what i thought was the best thing about being married, is looking at the special someone knowing there is nobody else that could put up with all your crap. :D ha ha! I am very grateful for Jeff and all he does for me. I couldn't have asked for a better husband.

These are some of my favorite wedding pictures.

This is us at the BYU game. We are good luck cause every time we go they win...did I tell you that this is the only game we went to this season so far. ;)